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Welcome Aboard, New Travel Agents!

We’re passionate about…TRAVEL! But we are also motivated business owners, working hard to deliver incredible experiences for our clients while utilizing the right tools to maximize profits along the way.

Here’s how we’re setting you up for success –
Training & Education to Sell with Confidence

“The Grand Tour” is a structured educational journey to becoming a travel advisor and starting your own agency as an independent contractor. Start by pairing our ``Welcome to the Industry`` program with your preferred Vacation Expert courses. Worldwise is our curated Learning Library full of destination and product training from suppliers all around the world, plus instruction on our technology and booking tools. Our membership in Travel Leaders Network unlocks a vast amount of virtual and in-person learning through their platform and programs.

One-on-One Support

By phone, email, or chat, a dedicated team at The Paper Ticket is here to guide you through your journey, working practically through the red tape or simply offering advice.

Partnerships Around the World

By air, land, or sea, you are connected to the industry’s leading suppliers with top-tier commissions starting from your first day.

Join a Community

You may be independent and working from home, but that does not mean that you are alone! The Paper Ticket’s members are active in an open online forum, supportive of each other, sharing common concerns and questions or fantastic products and promotions.

Easy-to-Use Technology & Tools

Our industry-leading Customer Relationship Management System is user-friendly for easily tracking client profiles, managing trips, monitoring your profits, and reporting on your sales.

Marketing Made Easy

Customized digital marketing featuring trending destinations, products, and promotions are always available to quickly share with your clients. Follow our calendar and download unique content to refresh your social media daily. Our membership in Travel Leaders Network also provides access to exclusive campaigns and perks, including marketing materials and lead generation program.

Establish Your Business & Become a Vacation Expert

Three Steps to Get Started!

Travel Agents are all about thinking outside the box! And your business model is no different. Pick Your Path to start your agency - from branding and red tape requirements to commissions earned - and Pursue Your Passion to Become a Vacation Expert with a specialization that means the most to you!

What's in a Name?

One of your first major decisions as a small business owner – naming your agency!

For some new travel agents, this is one of the most exciting parts of starting your new travel agency!  For others, a transition to a new industry is enough to put on an already-full plate – branding and marketing can be daunting, not fun.

At The Paper Ticket, the choice is yours!


When you join with your own brand, your membership will include all our key benefits:

  • Registration for our “Welcome to the Industry“ Virtual Training with Your Choice of Vacation Expert Sessions
  • All the Industry Memberships & Accreditations Required to Start Booking Today!
  • Industry-Leading Supplier Commissions
  • State-of-the-Art Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System
  • Meaningful Connections to Suppliers & BDMs
  • One-on-One Support from the Team at The Paper Ticket
  • Community Support & Mentorship Program from your Fellow Members

When you choose this path, your agency’s branding and marketing is entirely up to you!  You’ll design a logo and (most likely!) claim your brand’s domain to create a website and email address.  This road can be slow and the bills can stack up if you have to outsource the work, but this path is preferred by those who want to build a brand with their identity at the forefront.


Launching your agency as The Paper Ticket by You (*Insert Your Name Here*!) lets you start with all your focus on building your knowledge and getting comfortable in a new industry and as a new business owner.  You will receive all the same member benefits above plus:

  • Custom Logo Pack including – Logo PNG, Email Signature Tile, and Facebook Page Cover & Instagram Profile Photo
  • @thepaperticket Email Address
  • The Paper Ticket branded Social Media Content
  • Profile Feature on The Paper Ticket Website
  • Necessary Legal Paperwork to Securely Operate Your Business including – Client Contract, Travel Insurance Waiver, and Credit Card Authorization

Choosing this path simplifies your journey and accelerates your business start-up.  You are no less a business owner in this case – you are just starting your business with some pre-determined features.  For example, you’re encouraged to market The Paper Ticket by You on your own – especially with your own social media business pages – and, while we provide loads of branded material for you to use, we do not post it for you and ultimately the content will be your choice – you can use all of what we offer or none!

Membership Packages

Your membership package includes all the benefits detailed above.  Choose the commission level that best suits your business!

The Paper Ticket by You

  • The Rio – 70% Commission – $89 / month
  • The Waikiki – 80% Commission – $99 / month
  • The Havana – 90% Commission – $109 / month

with Your Brand

  • The Rio – 70% Commission – $69 / month
  • The Waikiki – 80% Commission – $79 / month
  • The Havana – 90% Commission – $89 / month

Pursue Your Passion Packages

Welcome to the Industry – An Essential Course for New Travel Agents

…plus 1 Vacation Expert Course
  • $350
…plus 2 Vacation Expert Courses
  • $400
…plus 3 Vacation Expert Courses
  • $450
…plus 4 Vacation Expert Courses
  • $500
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