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"Welcome to the Industry" Training Program

Become a Vacation Expert

An Essentials Course for New Travel Agents

Welcome to the Travel Industry

Pursue Your Passion & Choose Your Vacation Expert Sessions

When you join The Paper Ticket as a new travel agent, you’re not left on your own to figure it out!  This virtual training has everything you need to know to start your own travel business.  We’ll walk you through the start-up of your agency and give you the foundational knowledge of an expert travel advisor so you’re ready to start with confidence immediately.

Customize your “Welcome to the Industry” training program – Pursue Your Passion & choose your Vacation Expert session (or sessions!) to combine with the Essentials Course covering three general themes that all New Travel Agents should know – Travel Industry Basics, Travel Agency Red Tape, & Selling Vacations.
You’ll get a world of information in small bites along the way with accompanying hand-out materials.  Follow along as new lessons containing nearly 100 hours of content are released regularly for 3 months.  Watch on your schedule and use our daily “Office Hours” for follow-up.  You’ll enjoy a mix of visual presentations with some listen-only podcast-style sessions.  Conversations with your peer group and scheduled measurements throughout the journey will keep you accountable – and we’re always available for one-on-one support!

What Will I Learn?

Course Curriculum

What Every New Agent Needs to Know

The Essentials Course

Travel Industry Basics

A Day in the Life of a Travel Agent: Day-to-Day & Long-Term Tasks


Vocab & Industry Lingo

Hotel Insider: Star Ratings, Bedding, Views, & More!

Currency Exchange

Traveling with Kids

Holidays, Weather, & Seasonality

Navigating Your Resources

Travel Agency Red Tape

Passports & Visas

Changes, Cancellations, & Emergencies - Oh My!

Travel Insurance

Business Ethics & Travel Etiquette

Selling Vacations

Selling Travel for Profit: Client Demographics & Sales Training

Becoming a Trusted Travel Advisor: Exceptional Service & Client Loyalty

Building the Perfect Vacation

Marketing & Social Media

Take One or Master Them All!

Become a Vacation Expert

Customize Your ``Welcome to the Industry`` Training Program by Choosing Your Vacation Expert Sessions

The Essentials Course is a necessary foundation for any new travel agent – but we want you to pursue your passion, too!  In addition to the Essentials Course, choose one or all of the four agent-favorite travel niches and begin your path to Vacation Expert starting on your first day!

All-Inclusive Vacation Expert Sessions include topics such as:

  • All-Inclusive Crash Course:  An All-Inclusive Review of All-Inclusive Vacations – What’s Really Included?
  • Types of All-Inclusive Resorts:  Family-Friendly, Adults-Only, Couples-Only, Alternative Lifestyle, & More!
  • Top All-Inclusive Destinations in the Caribbean & Mexico including Cancun & Riviera Maya, Jamaica, Punta Cana, and more!

Disney Vacation Expert Sessions include topics such as:

  • Disney World:  Looking at a Familiar Place with Fresh Eyes
  • Disneyland & California Vacations
  • Cruising with Disney
  • Visiting Disney’s International Destinations
  • Universal:  Understanding Both Products is a Key to Success

Cruise Vacation Expert Sessions include topics such as:

  • Talk Like a Sailor:  Cruise Vocab & Lingo for Travelers and Travel Agents
  • Cruise Ships & Life on Board
  • Popular Cruise Destinations & Itineraries
  • Selling Cruise Vacations:  Matching the Customer with the Best Product

USA Vacation Expert Sessions include topics such as:

  • National Parks
  • Hawaii In-Depth
  • “Fly-Drive” & Road Trips
  • Planning Close-to-Home Vacations
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