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Known as “One Happy Island,” Aruba is truly a gem in the Caribbean.  Famed for its temperate weather, Aruba is not your typical jungle island.  Blue water and brilliant white beaches dotted with Aruba’s iconic shrub-like divi divi trees surround a striking desert-like interior, creating a warm, dry climate year-round.  Further, Aruba has earned its reputation as the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean by featuring dozens of award-winning restaurants ranging from elegant steakhouses to seaside seafood shacks – plus their Dutch history brings the bonus of delicious pancake breakfasts!  In fact, Aruba is one of few Caribbean islands where there is a nearly even choice between All-Inclusive resorts and those that are not inclusive, allowing visitors to dine around the island to their taste.  Aruba’s capital Oranjestad is among the largest port towns in the Caribbean and filled with luxury boutiques, souvenir shops, and shopping malls between beautifully preserved historic sites.  Cafes, restaurants, bars – and even casinos – in Oranjestad and elsewhere on the island stay busy well into the night!

There are a variety of resorts – some All-Inclusive – in Aruba, many catering to all travelers, while some specialize in romance, family, or luxury vacationers.  After a conversation about your Vacation Vibe, a Paper Ticket Agent will recommend the resorts and activities that are best suited for you!

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Required Documentation

A Passport is Required

Languages Spoken

Dutch, and English is widely spoken


Aruban Florin, and the US Dollar is widely accepted


69.5 mi²

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Around the Island

Most of the activity in Aruba is based on the island’s west coast with high-rise casino / spa / golf resorts along glamourous and busy Palm Beach in the north to the boutique properties along the unpretentious Eagle Beach in the south.  If you’re visiting Aruba for the dining, shopping, and casinos, consider staying in Oranjestad where you’re in the heart of the activity and only 10 minutes to the beach!

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