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Amazing Australia

Australia tops the Travel Bucket List for more Americans than any other destination in the world.  With so much to offer visitors, it isn’t hard to imagine why!  Icons including the Sydney Opera House, Great Barrier Reef, and Ayer’s Rock are only the start to your Australian adventure.  You could easily spend an entire vacation exploring award-winning restaurants and wineries or having up-close encounters with kangaroos and koalas – but also penguins, crocodiles, sharks, whales, and many more amazing animals.  Drive one of the world’s most scenic routes along the Great Ocean Road or travel cross-country on a luxuriously restored vintage train.

Did you know??  Australia and America are roughly the same size.  With most trips to Australia less than 2 weeks, that is a LOT to fit in!  Can you imagine trying to see New York, Washington DC, Dallas, Los Angeles, Napa Valley, and Orlando in two weeks!?!  Thankfully, you are in good hands with The Paper Ticket!  After a conversation about your Vacation Vibe, our Certified Aussie Specialist from Tourism Australia will recommend the itinerary, hotels, and activities that are best suited for you!

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Get to Know the Regions of Australia

Australian Walkabout

The Australian mainland is both the world’s largest island and smallest continent.  It is divided into 8 states and territories, each region a bit unique.  These are the most popular for visitors:

  • New South Wales – Home to capital city Sydney and Bondi Beach, NSW is also known for the Blue Mountains World Heritage Area named for the forest of eucalyptus trees that cover this dramatic landscape and the world-famous Hunter Valley wine region.
  • Northern Territory – Nicknamed “The Red Centre” for the desert landscape, the NT (a.k.a. “The Outback”) is home to the geographic and, arguably, historic cultural center of Australia with iconic natural sites including Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) and Kakadu National Park
  • Queensland – Tropical North QLD’s diverse beach towns serve as a gateway to five World Heritage-listed sites including the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree, the world’s oldest tropical rainforest (and inspiration for the movie Avatar).
  • South Australia – Home to Kangaroo Island, your destination for farm-to-table dining, wineries, and once-in-a-lifetime up-close encounters with native animals like koalas, sea lions, seals, and – KANGAROOS! – in their natural habitat.
  • Victoria – If the NT is home to the historic cultural capital of Australia, VIC’s capital city Melbourne claims the title as the modern cultural capital. Famous for intricate Victorian arcades alongside graffitied laneways, art galleries, boutiques, award-winning restaurants, trendy bars, and a café culture that rivals any European city.
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