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Pura Vida

Costa Rica

Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, you’ll often hear the expression “Pura Vida” meaning “Pure Life.”  It’s a friendly hello or a warm goodbye; it’s the reassuring reply when a friend thinks you’re mad and your internal mantra when everything seems to be going wrong.  Pura Vida is also about being close to the nature that is abundant in Costa Rica.  Flanked by the Pacific on one side and the Caribbean on the other, Costa Rica’s beaches are among the most biodiverse places on earth, attracting surfers and sunbathers alike.  Costa Rica is known as the “Green Republic,” dedicating over 25% of their land to National Parks and other protected areas.  You’ll find organic produce or coffee farms; jungles and rainforests teeming with thousands of species of plants and animals; and active volcanoes surrounded by hot springs and wellness retreats.  Adventurers love the variety of activities in Costa Rica’s mountains and jungles – everything from horseback riding to mountain biking, Class IV white water rafting, kayaking, canyoning, zip lining, and more!

While Costa Rica can be as adventurous as you choose on a scale of 1 to 10, most visitors look to leave the beach and experience the nature of Costa Rica.  There are lots of ways to accomplish this, plus an incredible variety of resorts, hotels, retreats, and lodges throughout Costa Rica, many catering to all travelers, while some specialize in romance, family, or luxury vacationers.  After a conversation about your Vacation Vibe, a Paper Ticket Agent will recommend the itinerary, accommodations, and activities that are best suited for you!

Fast Facts


Costa Rica

Required Documentation

A Passport is Required

Languages Spoken

Spanish, and English is widely spoken


Costa Rican Colón, and the US Dollar is widely accepted


19,730 mi²

Get to Know the Regions of Costa Rica

From the Caribbean Sea to the Pacific Ocean

Though Costa Rica isn’t a large country – about the same size as West Virginia – its jungle and mountainous landscape provides a scenic backdrop for a slow drive across the country to visit regional highlights.  On the west side of Costa Rica, the long Pacific Coast can be divided into four regions starting in the north at tourist-favorite Guanacaste’s dry, sunny beaches and beautiful resorts.  Moving south along the stunning coastline, the climate becomes more tropical as you pass through the Nicoya Peninsula to the aptly named Central and Southern Coasts.  Along the way, you’ll find some of Costa Rica’s best-known destinations and hidden gems alike such as Jacó, a surfing hotspot with a weekend party vibe, or Manuel Antonio, where the ocean meets the jungle at a National Park known for its wildlife viewing and adventurous activities.

Inland, mountain ranges peaked with [sometimes active] volcanoes are separated by the tropical rainforests of the Northern and Southern Zones and the temperate Central Valley.  Active adventure-seekers and relaxed nature-lovers alike appreciate the rustic lodges tucked into these landscapes that range from basic to luxury and high in the treetops, on the mountainside adjacent to volcanic hot springs, or down in the valley on a coffee farm.

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