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Exclusive Vacations for

LGBTQ+ Kids & Their Families

Travel Together with Rainbow Families

Exclusive Group Vacations for LGBTQ+ Kids & Their Families

We’re inviting LGBTQ+ Kids of All Ages and their families to join us on vacation in beautiful destinations.

Here, the kids will get to know their peers in a fun environment, while the grown-ups can also share their experiences (plus enjoy a little relaxation and pampering!)

Our Exclusive Group Vacations also feature VIP resort amenities, a private family-friendly cocktail parties, spa discounts, and more perks!

Rainbows + Love Group Trips Explained

What to Expect

It's Your Vacation

First and foremost, this is your family vacation! Activities and Group meet-ups are always optional - you are welcome to interact with other members of the group as little or as much as you like.

Safety is our Top Priority

Destinations and hotels are chosen with care for our groups to ensure everyone is both safe and comfortable while on vacation!

Kids Get to Know their Peers

We welcome LGBTQ+ kids of all ages! There will be plenty of opportunity for them to get to know each other while hanging around the pool or in the video game lounge, plus some coordinated group activities to help break the ice!

Siblings & Grown-ups Get to Know their Peers, too!

While the main objective is to get our kids together with their LGBTQ+ peers, this vacation provides a chance for their parents and families to grow their peer group as well! Siblings, grandparents, and anyone in your support network are welcome to join us!

What's Included?

For beach vacations to the Caribbean and Mexico, our packages include: Accommodations, Resort All Inclusive (all meals, drinks, activities, and gratuities), Airport Transfers, & VIP Exclusives! Specific details are provided for each vacation. Airfare is available at an additional cost from any city.

? Proud Members of IGLTA ?

What is IGLTA?
IGLTA, the International LGBTQ+ Travel Association was founded in 1983 and is the world’s leading network of LGBTQ+ welcoming tourism businesses.
Why does it matter?
IGLTA provide free travel resources and information while continuously working to promote equality and safety within LGBTQ+ tourism worldwide. Their members are described as “a network of highly vetted global tourism businesses – queer-approved hotels, transportation providers, travel agencies, and tour operators – and is a fantastic resource for all things LGBTQ travel.”

Read a fantastic article for reference, as quoted above, from AFAR Magazine.  

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